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Book chapters

“Physically Wounded and Injured Warriors and Their Families: The Long Journey Home" in War Trauma and Its Wake: Expanding the Circle of Healing
edited by Raymond Scurfield and Katherine Platon (Rutledge, Taylor & Francis Group: 2012)
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Chapters tracing the history and experience of women and older workers in the US workplace in
The American Mosaic: An In-Depth Report on the Future of Diversity at Work
by Anthony Patrick Carnevale and Susan Carol Stone (McGraw-Hill, 1995)

Select features from our own backyard. . .

Christian Science Monitor

Preserving archaeological sites, historic buildings and artwork -- what goes into it and why it’s important (cover story Dec. 5, 2016)
How life has changed in the US for people with disabilities -- and why this is good for everyone (cover story Nov. 17, 2014)
People with disabilities want to participate in the arts -- and a growing number of programs make this possible
Does a person’s criminal act negate any good he may have also done?
A Fake Medal of Honor or Purple Heart: Is It Free Speech?
How some clever DC commuters slug it to work
Routine mid-life crisis leads one woman to kayak in Greenland
How free and enslaved blacks lived in Colonial New England

Al Jazeera America
Learning to save Malawi’s heritage

Washington Post

On the Trail of the Slug  -- Sunday Style feature on an endangered commuting animal
(10 Aug 1997)

Far Eastern Economic Review
Feng Shui makes inroads in the US
Call of the Urchin  -- a thriving export in Maine 
(23 Jan 1997)
Southern Comfort - Indian family runs motel in Mississippi 
(26 Sept 1996)
Zen, California style - profile of teacher Joko Beck 
(August 14, 1995)
Brave-and Battered: Abuse Turns South Asian Women’s New Lives Upside Down in US  (pdf)
(11 Aug 1994)
Eunuch on the High Seas 
(13 Oct 1994)
Wall Street Journal

Japanese Art, Brazilian Flair  -- Gracie ju-jitsu in the US 
(1-2 Nov 1996)
Bringing Asia to Americans -- Vishakha Desai at Asia Society
(18-19 Feb 1994)

Gallerie International

Myth and Reality: Some American Experiences
(Vol. 2, No 1, 1999) 

Military Lifestyle
Marshall: The Private General
(Feb 1995)  

. . . and from overseas

Christian Science Monitor
A young architect in UlanBataar makes
a difference in the ger districts
The public rights of way in the UK makes for great rambling
An unexpected sight on Spain’s Costa del Sol: a giant stupa

Maiden Voyages

Croatia -- witnessing the healing 
(Spring 1997)

Military Lifestyle

Assignment Croatia -- a MASH unit in the Balkans
(March 1995) (pdf

National Geographic News Service
After Latest of Many Sieges, Medieval Dubrovnik Rebuilds 
(12 July 1995) published in The Columbian
Poles Battle Nature to Protect Salt Mine 
(7 June  95) published in Los Angeles Times
Tourists Take Their Toll on Turkish Treasure 
(2 Feb 1995) published in Los Angeles Times

New York Times

Landlocked City of Pearls 
(31 May 1992)
Colorful Carpets of Yugoslavia

Wall Street Journal
Art Collecting on a Budget: British Councils Make It Easy with Interest-Free Loans 
(5 Oct 2000)
Hardly the Greatest Show on Earth  
(Oct 1992)
Mixing Dream and Reality in Tamil Nadu - film in South India 
(1-2 Nov 1991)
India’s Futures Brokers  -- role of astrologers during elections 
(17-18 May 1991)

Union of Catholic Asian News

Chipping Away at India’s Problems  
(7 Sept 1992)
Conservative Indian Society Reluctant to Openly Discuss AIDS
(23 Dec 1991)
Drug Underworld Threatens Youth in South India
(19 Dec 1991)
Former Addict and Others Fight Drug Addiction in Madras 
(19 Dec 1991)
Poor Indians Meet Emergency Needs through Sale of Kidneys
(18 Nov 1991)
Woman Chief Minister Gains Popularity and Criticism in South India(30 Oct 1991)
Sriperumbudur: Now a Stopover for Indian Travelers
(18 July 1991)


The Verifone Connection 
(Sept 1992)
Help...and Hope in Bangalore  
(Oct 1992)