Christian Science Monitor
Diversity programs that work (cover story, May 2016)
The Overbooked Generation (cover story, May 2015)
Do kids today have too much homework?
(May 2015)

Chasing the world in education” (cover story, September 2013):
    Global Lessons for US Schools
    Canadian Summer School Transcends Remedial
    Australia Teaches to a Better Test  (co-author)
additional contributions by stringers:
    Germany’s Respected Voc-Tech Path with Meisters
    Singapore Leads in STEM, Now Takes on the Arts
    China’s Mentor Schools Bridge Rich-Poor Gap

Religion in schools 50 years after the ban on school prayer” (cover story, June 2013):
    Was God Expelled?
    The Good News Club: Evangelical  Christians Teachings in Elementary Schools
    Church-School Partnerships: A Faith-Inspired Caring Presence in Schools
more about this in an interview on C-Span’s ‘Washington Journal’ (19 June 2013)
and yet more in an interview on ‘Central Time,’ Wisconsin Public Radio (21 June 2013)

“Degree of Doubt” (cover story June 2012):
    The intrinsic value of the Bachelor’s degree
    Cheaper alternative: Going straight for a Master’s
    Starting a career with an Associate’s degree
    Culinary student takes kitchen over cubicle

"US College Degrees: Still The Best?" (cover story June 2010):
   Are US colleges losing their edge?
   Taking a leaf from Europe’s book on how to fine-tune education
   What’s the deal with college rankings anyway?

blog contributions to the "Little Bill Clinton* project, 2008:
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features 1993-2002:
A nurturing school for refugees in Jordan
After-school programs struggle to survive
Students hold vigils the week after the Sept. 11 attacks
Shifts in demographics are changing international affairs programs
Juggling home and work when you sign up for homework
International Schools and the IB (also in pdf)
You don’t have to choose a major -- you can build one
Why students continue to opt for historically black colleges
Amazing all you can learn with continuing ed  (also in pdf)
Fossil hunting with the pros  
Adult learners increasingly want ‘soft’ skills
Choose your teachers carefully
The secret to teaching adults
Creative ways people carve out time to read
Opting for Klingon and Esperanto over French and Spanish
How some invented languages came into being
Creating a course of your own
Getting certified for a new career  
Rain or shine, out with horticulturists to learn botany
If you want a second career in teaching, do your homework first
Yes, everyone can learn public speaking  
Women’s colleges climb the rankings  
At what point is it worth paying for a private school?
Private schools vs. public schools
Vocational schools have more to offer than you might expect
AP essays change with the times
The growing importance of AP courses
Women support their alma maters with time -- and money
Picking educational software
A shining example of Americans adapting the Reggio Approach