Where and When... my desk has been

Currently, my messy desk resides under Brooklyn skies. It moved here in 2008 from Washington, DC.  Before that, it took up space in India, Croatia, and Belgium, where I worked various jobs, including political reporting for the US Consulate in Zagreb, writing for UCAN out of Chennai, and freelancing for a variety of publications.

What... awards my work has earned

2019 Folio Eddies: 

"Astrolabe Tech Made...Not so Easy"

(Author/Instructional How-To, Custom, Eddies First Place)

“An Astrolabe Adventure” 

(Co-producer with David Wells, director/Service-Oriented Video, Custom, Eddies first place)

"Astrolabe History Graphic Novel"

(Writer collaborating with illustrator Ivy Johnson/Print Illustration, Custom, Ozzies honorable mention)

2011 Religion News Association

"Chaplains Under Fire" 

(Documentary of the Year, Second Place)

2010  Annual WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival 

"Chaplains Under Fire"

(Bronze Remi Award, Feature Film-Documentary)

2008 American Academy of Religion

"Tour of Higher Duty

six-part multi-media series on military chaplains

(Best In-Deth Reporting, news outlets under 100,000 circulation)

2008 Religion News Association

"Tour of Higher Duty"

(Supple Religion Writer of the Year, Third Place)" 


Who... I am

Ah, well, now, instead of my trying to answer the mother of all koans, let me tell you instead about my enduring love of fountain pens.  First off, I learned to write under the strict tutelage of Catholic nuns in Spain, dipping pen into inkwell --  yes, I'm either that old or the school was that archaic.  I then discovered Sheaffer fountain pens at the Five & Dime near my grandparents' home in Atlanta and never looked back. Fountain pens are pretty much all I ever use, be it interviewing people for a documentary or feature article, taking notes at an art show or compiling a grocery list.  But I'm not a collector, more of an accumulator.  My current favorites include a 1950s Sheaffer snorkel pen my brother, Dixon, found in a grandparent's desk in my parents basement; a retractable-nib Pilot my husband, Bill, surprised me with for a birthday; and a slim Muji that granddaughter, Olivia, put me on to.  Another thing: I don't fret about dangling participles.