Craft Art in glass, clay, wood. . .


American Style -- selected features

Studio Glass Turns 50:
        Part II: Playing with Fire (Spring 2012) (pdf)
        Part I:  Breaking Away (Winter 2012) (pdf)
In Good Company - profile of two Brooklyn collectors
Potter Cliff Lee:  a fascinating, talented maverick
Paul Stankard has been lampworking illusions since 1972 (pdf)
The Gold Standard - collector/gallerist Fay Gold  (April 2007)
Eloquence Between the Covers - artist Daniel Essig  (Dec 2007) (pdf)
Fourteen New Orleans artists seek refuge in NY (Oct 2006) (pdf)
The Longhouse that Jack Built - Jack Lenore Larsen  (June 2006) (pdf)
Glass takes on new meaning with DC's Tim Tate, Mike Janis and others (June 2006) (pdf)
Textural Strokes - painter Liz Gribin  (June 2006)
The Advocates  - NY art collectors/activists (June 2004)
Taking Chances -- the work of Christina Bothwell  (April 2004)
Backing into Glass Art - artist Baker O’Brien  (Fall 2003)
Light Show -- sculptor Christopher Ries (Summer 2003)
East meets West in the work of craft artists (Spring 2001)
In With the Old, In With the New - profile of John Makepeace (Winter 1999-2000)
John Skau’s baskets: from wood scraps to stunning geometrics (Winter 1999-2000)
Movers and Shapers - artists take on polymer clay (Summer 1999)
Color Fields, Country Home - glass artist Stephen Powell  (Summer 1999)
Reflections on Collecting 101  --  Ron and Lisa Brill collectors (Winter 1998)
Speaking with a Voice  -- Native American potters  (Summer 1998)
Artist  of the Eternal Moment  -- Lenore Tawney (Spring 1998) (pdf)
Artists Unbound  -- Eastern European emigré artists  (Winter 1997)
In the Business of Crafts  -  Martha Stamm Connel gallery owner  (Fall 1997)
From Generation to Generation (Summer 1997)
Deep in the Art of Texas  (Spring 1997)
Letter Word Art  (March/April 1997)
Art with Words-It’s a Left-Brain, Right-Brain Involvement  (Fall 1996)
Chihuly Breezes into Baltimore (Summer 1996)
Catching the Fever - Native American Art Lures Auction Goers  (Spring 1996)
Collector’s Paradise  - collector Linda Schlenger  (Fall 1995)

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