Wall Street Journal reviews-Asian and islamic art


2019 - 2017

                                                             Getting to know the kami of Shinto    

                                                             The Tale of Genji in Japanese art    

                                                             Tibetan art reflecting empire as much as faith

                                                             Art eliciting and depicting devotion  

                                                             Reclaiming a creative history for Sri Lanka

Votive objects as agents of faith

The world of the Qing Empresses

Wang Hui's vision of the Yangzi river

Tales from India come to life in paintings

Unexpected Smiles from Edo period art

The Transformation of Hasegawa Tohaku

The Very Fabric of Asian Societies

Courting Opulence in India: Treasures from Jodhpur

Magnificent Metal: the allure of ancient Chinese bronzes

Peaks of Creativity - in Korean and Chinese art

The Ardabil carpet: A 16th-century masterpiece

Meiji metalwork: Creativity forged anew

Evolution of a Deity: Ganesha at the Denver Museum of Art 

                                                                   Dreams of the Kings at  the  Nelson-Atkins Museum

                                                                   A rare peek at the creative processes of ukiyo-e masters

                                                                   Chen Hongshou in the spotlight in Berkeley

                                                                   Korean art reinstalled at the Brooklyn Museum

                                                                   Masterpiece essay on a bodhisattva made around 1200 

                                                                   Chaekgeori -- painted screens Korean style
                                                                   Bernard Berenson’s Brief Detour - Persian paintings
                                                                   Finding Meaning in Scraps - bapo painting
                                                                   Come to See the Sound at the Rubin
                                                                   Dallas Museum of Art gives Keir collection pride of place
                                                                   Whose Painting is it Anyway? Utamaro’s?
                                                                   Treasures of Qin and Han nation-building at the Met
                                                                    Big stories in small things in Show Me the Mini
                                                                    Unearthing the past in a show about Han China

                                                                    Utamaro's wall-sized painting at the Wadsworth                    

2016 - 2015

The art of the Quran at the Sackler
China’s Six Dynasties: beauty born in turbulence

Paintings and stories from Mughal courts
Unlocking the secrets of a 6th-century Buddha
A taste of the marvel that are the Dunhuang caves
Nepalese art seen through the monsoon lens
The Ringling’s newest act: an Asian Art Center
Seljuq splendors at the Met
Delving into the meanings of a Chola Nataraja   
The Cartography of Conversion - maps by Jesuit missionaries in China
Peeking inside artists’ minds with drawings from Indian courts
In the Met’s Chinese galleries with An Ho
Enlivened sculptures from Japan’s Kamakura period
Everywhen: Contemporary indigenous art from Australia
Gifts transform Mia’s Japanese collection

Sotatsu making waves around the world
The synergies shaped art in three Islamic courts

                                                                     Rare chance to see all 48 paintings of a Shahnameh
                                                                     Philippine gold made in long forgotten kingdoms
                                                                     The Keir collection of Islamic art’s first showing in US
                                                                     Asian-inspired works from the colonial Americas
                                                                     Stroll and scroll Japanese gardens
                                                                     How America acquired a taste for Japanese art
                                                                     Honoring Nepal after its devastating earthquake
                                                                     Gilded splendors of a long-lived school of painting
                                                                     A rich sampling of Buddhist art from Myanmar
                                                                     Shin-hanga prints by Hasui - magic of twilight
                                                                     Explorations in southern Arabia
                                                                     The Aga Khan Museum in Toronto                                                                      

2014 - 2013

Jewels from, for and inspired by India 

Chinese albums: real page-turn

Powerful art from East of the Wallace Line
Masterful ancient Chinese bronzes
The diversity of Edo period painting
Celebrating 1000 years of Persian books
Exploring Song dynasty painting
The arts of health and illness in Tibet
Nur -- Light in Islamic arts and sciences  
Wondrous pieces from ancient kingdoms in Southeast Asia
Continuity and change in Joseon dynasty art
Imagining glowing Tibetan Buddhist stupas from fragments

Keir collection of Islamic art boosts Dallas Museum offerings
Asian wing caps museum expansion in Cleveland
Empowering images

                                                                         New works seen through the lens of past
                                                                        The Shahnameh’s enduring political power
                                                                        Yoga: a constellation of beliefs, practices and art
                                                                        Court art of the Joseon dynasty
                                                                        Shining the light on beautiful Silla art
                                                                        Women in Chinese painting
                                                                        Early globalization as seen through textiles
                                                                        A treasure trove of Chinese art at the ROM

                                                                        An Indo-Persian garden in Yonkers - who knew?
                                                                       The photography of Raja Deen Dayal
                                                                       The making - and unmaking - of a sand mandala
                                                                       Dressed to kill in peacetime - ah, those Samurai!
                                                                       The enigma of a Rubens drawing
                                                                       Chinese painting - professional and scholar artists
                                                                       Flights of feathered fancy in Japanese art
                                                                       Exploring Indo-Pacific art at Yale
                                                                       Islamic art in Paris

2012 - 2011

Chinese calligraphy / Nepalese art
Amazing works emerge from beneath Arabian desert
Rinpa: Art with a twist
Masterpiece: Churning of the Sea of Milk
Many forms and modes of viewing
Looking at China 100 years ago and today
Indian artists and modernism
Two shows, two perspectives on Chinese art
Printing began in China--a most useful invention
Woven silks from a Nishijin workshop in Kyoto
Asian art gains prominence at the Harn Museum
Insights into and through 13th-century Chinese tombs
Vietnamese ceramics at the Birmingham Museum of Art
Creating beauty under -- or for? -- Communism
Tibet in the world of comic books

                                                          Boston’s MFA rethinks South and Southeast Asia
                                                           Met's new Islamic galleries make a powerful statement
                                                           Offering an alternative experience of art
                                                           Mughal masters artists rescued from anonymity
                                                           A Tang burial figure puzzles - and delights
                                                           Glass art, design and technique criss-cross the globe
                                                            Vishnu in all his glory at the Brooklyn Museum
                                                           Reinstalled Tibetan galleries at Newark Museum
                                                           Reconstructing 6th-century caves virtually
                                                           An American brings Asian composers home
                                                            Felice Beato photography: truth, beauty, fiction
                                                            Lucknow’s exuberant art scene 

                                                            Cloisonné: from the boudoir to the scholar’s desk
                                                            Talking back to old masters

2010 - 2006

Drawn to Enlightenment - a show of Hakuin’s work
San Diego adopts a new approach to the display of Indian art
Lacquer -- real and fake -- at the Newark Museum
Yokohama prints: how Japanese pictured Europeans in the 1860s
An impressionistic journey to an Imperial Chinese garden
Jacques Marchais Museum of Tibetan art on Staten Island, NY
Jean Claude White, an unusual colonial photographer in Sikkim and Bhutan
A show looks at the first official Japanese delegation to NY in 1860
Religious art in museums - an interesting approach in DC
Fantastic bronzes from Angkor
Buddhist pilgrimage and the art it generates
Archaeology sure has changed since World War I
‘tis human to ask how the universe began -- and to answer with art 

Ancient art from Vietnam   
Treasures Ottoman and Iranian diplomats presented to the Kremlin
The beauty of Japanese screens brings you to your knees
Bling gets the better of Ming in a show of court arts
Korea’s Joseon dynasty produced a renaissance of art
American modern artists looked as much to Asia as they did to Europe

Rajasthani art that soars from the worldly to the divine
Japanese glass artists at the cutting edge (pdf file)
Portraits dominate -- and puzzle -- in a show of Mughal miniatures
London’s Durga Debate  (13-15 Oct 2006) (pdf file)
Did the Chinese discover North America? Really? (pdf file) (4-6 Aug 2006)
The intricate dynamics of portraiture in Asia (1 Aug 2006)
Hokusai’s Divine State  (24-26 March 2006)
He Gave Art Another Dimension: Nam June Paik

2005 - 1993

Showcasing a Region’s Art as Never Before
A Tutorial on Success at the Smithsonian  
Objects of Enlightenment -- Controversy  
Their Own Private Vishnus  -- Chola bronzes at the Sackler
Intimate Indian Miniatures
Tao Art: Cosmic Energy, Sympathy with Fish  
In Atlanta, a Chinese painter carries on the scholar-artist tradition  (An Ho - ProQuest.pdf)  
The Fine Art of Writing 

Tibetan Art of Wisdom and Compassion  (16 Sept 1999)
Sharing the Mysteries of Mustang    (12-13 Feb 1998)
CC Wang’s Painting Obsession Enriches New York  (18 -19 July 1997)
A Japanese Way of Golf  -- golf and art restoration   (1-2 March 1996)
Basket Beatitude -- Hiroshima Kazuo’s work at the Sackler (27-28 Jan, 1995)
A Banquet of Landscapes and Cultures --   Lois Conner photography (19-20 Aug, 1994)
New South Asian galleries at the Met   (13-14 May, 1994)
Ceramic Convergence  -- review of modern Japanese works at the Japan Society  (18-19 March, 1994)
Putting Sri Lanka on the Map - With Sculpture   (March 26-17, 1993 and AWSJ 20 May 1993)