Arts & Culture


Wall Street Journal

Masterpiece essay on 15th-century 'Triumph of Death' in Palermo

The art of stand-up comedy, South-Asian style  (15-17 Dec 2006)
One man’s efforts to save thousand-year old carvings (Dazu - Proquest.pdf)
Art Collecting on a Budget - British Councils provide interest-free loans  (5 Oct 2000)
‘Charlie Victor Romeo’ Offers a Peek Inside the Black Box  (pdf) (2 May 2000)
Family-Style Fanaticism Erupts on the Big Screen (9-10 July 1999)
The Art of Listening to Trees  - Bonzai  (17-18 Oct 1997)
Flowering abroad  -- art of ikebana in the US   (2-3 May 1997)
Asian-American Film Makers Broaden Their Scope-and Audience (29-30 Oct 1993)
An East-West Architect  -  Toshiko Mori (21-22 May 1993)

Art & Antiques

Avoiding the Paper Chase  (Summer 2004)
Bronzed Gods  (Feb 2003)
Conservation Conundrum: Preserving 20th-C art is a challenge  (Dec 1999)
Distant Plunder: Collectors look East to find affordable treasures  (April 1998)

Internet Art Resources

Dream of Red Chamber: An Experience in Traditional Chinese Aesthetics (Dec 2000) (pdf)

Gardener's Delight at the National Museum of Women in theArts (Spring 2000) (pdf)

Shuttle, Spindle & Dye-Pot

Ann Hall-Richards: Woven Forms and Sculptural Vessels (Fall 1999)
Lyn Sterling Montagne:  Walking on Color  (Winter 98/99)
CA Michel: The Circle of Life  (Fall 1998)
John Skau in 3-D  (Summer 1998)

India Today

Kali to Karaikkal  (26 April 1999)
Eastern Metaphors: A new-look section on Indian art is a major draw (15 July, 1993)


Indian Art at the Smithsonian  (July/Aug 1999)

International Gallerie
The Padshahnama: Story of a great king
(Vol 1, No 1, 1998)

Far Eastern Economic Review
Mandarins in Manhattan - the Chinese Galleries at the Met  (18 Sept, 1997)
Insight into Islam:
US Museums Reflect Growing Interest in Muslim History and Art (30 Dec - 6 Jan 1994) (pdf

Washington Times

The motivations (light and dark) behind art  (29 March 1998)
Origins of Art Explored  (9 Nov 1997)
Prison Art: The Freeing of the Imagination  (3 Aug 1997)
Realistic Critique of Buildings  (20 April 1997)
Distortions of Reality  (15 Dec 1996)
Myriad Facts Affect How and What We See   (19 May 1996)
William Morris and His Company of Gifts  (5 Nov 1995)

Military Lifestyle

Here’s to You Mr. President: wild and wacky tributes 
(July 1994)
The Art of Persuasion:  WWII poster art    (Feb 1994)

Art & Auction

Yugoslavian Louvre? 
(October 1987)
Auction in the Air (April 1987)